Why I Almost Didn't Buy This Dress.

There were 2 reasons to bring this dress home and there was one big reason not too. Yes, because I loved the color and the big roses on it, but NO because of the length. 
I always avoid this length. As a petite lady, I always put distance between me and anything that hits below the knee. So, how did I end up wearing it unaltered? 

It just so happened I didn't have anything to wear for Father's Day. So, I thought what better way to test the length then with the family. It's funny how quick they commented on the fact that they've never seen me in a dress like this before.

And they liked it. It turns out so did I. 
I just added my wedges and I didn't feel like my legs were swallowed up. Hallelujah! 

Will I be switching up my whole dress style? Not completely. I am just happy that I now have more to choose from. ;) 



Anonymous said...

I had similar qualms with midi length dresses and skirts. I'm over it now and I love them! I think sometimes it just takes your brain a while to get used to a change in style. Kind of like how you almost always hate a major hair cut until you get used to it (or is that just me?)

The dress looks great on you, definitely a good buy!

(Anna) la mode said...

Pretty! Love the color and pattern. I like how you paired it with a more casual denim jacket. I'm pretty short as well, but adding heels really makes a difference. I think the dress looks amazing on you! : )


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