2 Places You Can Wear Silver Jeans & The One Place You Absolutely Cannot.

I’m pretty sure in the year 2313 we will all be wearing silver jeans. If not, then I feel sorry for mankind because I can’t imagine wearing anything else in space. So, figuring that is still 300 years off and we really shouldn’t let silver jeans go to waste, here are 2 places you can wear silver jeans and the one place you absolutely cannot.

1) After the beach party. Roll them up to show off your white sandals. And compliment it with a white tank top, a crop top if you dare. Seriously, your tan will pop off your skin against the palette of your clothes. Your friends will comment about how dark you got. Win win.

After the Beach

2) Christmas parties. Silver bells.. I mean that was really an easy one. Pair it with a white silk shirt and emerald heels and you’re in the holiday spirit. And I’m pretty sure no one else will be wearing silver jeans. When someone comments on it just casually sing a line from Silver Bells. 
Silver Bells

The One Place You Absolutely Cannot Wear Silver Jeans.

A space/future themed party, the point of a themed party is to be ridiculous. If you wear silver jeans, well that would just be too predictable and who wants to be predictable? Your picture will not be one of the photos fashion college students will study in 300 years.  Isn’t that the goal?

So, its good to know that those silver jeans that you love can go from the beach to Christmas, but not a future themed party.



Vanessa said...

Wonderful post...I like your pretty blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets nessa

Rebecca said...

That second look i so amazing! I love the way you styled the silver jeans! The green shoes are the perfect accessory!


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