My Newest Obsession: Orange Heels. Won't You Join Me?

Could it be because all I hear is "Orange is the New Black" that I have orange on the mind? Maybe, but I've been a fan of orange for awhile now. I have an orange shirt, dress and even shoes. Well, I just bought my shoes from Sole Society. The Julianne Hough shoe has a small wedge, but it was the color that made me click buy. I really wonder how I did without this vibrant color in my shoe closet for so long. It's all about the shoes today.


What overalls with orange heels? Why not. Orange and denim is an undeniable great combination. 

Oh, you can dress them up too. 


Even though I wore it with a black and white printed dress, I think orange heels first love is definitely denim.

How will you wear yours? 

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