You Be You: The Many Different Style Variations of the Floral Jacket.

Hey girl, you be you. As in if you want to wear a floral jacket with a floral dress.. well, you be you.  That's the great thing about fashion you make it work for you. Don't let the clothes wear you, you wear the clothes in the way that expresses who you are. Just to bring that point home, I put together of one of my favorite trends - Flower print to illustrate how girls took the popular trend and made it their own. Who do you identify with? 

It doesn't have to be frilly. It can all be in the detail. 

Or you can go all out. Take the girly aspect and run with it. Frill it up. 

The statement coat. I have a floral with one and I always feel regal and put together even when its over a pair of jeans. I highly recommend having one. 

Whether its all about business or weekend fun, its about you being you. 

Ok, who else is looking for a floral print cropped jacket?  ;) 

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Kate said...

The first and third are my favorite. I love mixing patterns!

Kate from Clear the Way

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