You Can Wear a Bodysuit, for Real.

I always look at photos of bodysuits and think... Nah, not for me. But then there are certain times that I wish I had a bodysuit. Like when? Do you have a bodycon skirt that just doesn't work with any top you pair it with? Yup, me too.

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I've done the whole flowy shirt over the bodycon, the tight tank pulled a little over the top of it and it just doesn't look right. That's the moment I wish I had a bodycon. There's no extra material, nothing to tug at, its just the perfect kind of fit.

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WendyB said...

Because I'm old, I'm sort of amused at the idea of a bodysuit as daring. Donna Karan kicked off her company in 1985 with her famous "seven easy pieces" -- dressing built around a bodysuit. It was for the modern, professional, grown woman! So I say go for it.

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