Oh, Honey.. Emerald Green Isn't Going Anywhere.

Yes, emerald was the color of this past year. But, its not going anywhere. I may be biased because I'm from the Emerald city and my birthstone is emerald - but come on, how rich and vibrant is this shade of green. It can pair with other colors so seamlessly or just take front and center on its own. If you haven't jumped on the "Emerald is amazing" bandwagon its not too late. Here are some ways to celebrate the color in your everyday style.

Emerald can be fancy. 

Emerald can be work ready.

It's even model approved. 

Some of our favorite shoes come in the amazing color. 

Tops/Bottos - emerald works it. 

Emerald can also be the stand out in subtle way.

I maybe bias, but I don't care. I love emerald and it will be part of my wardrobe for years to come. 


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