Cher From Clueless Was All Over This Trend. We're Just Catching Up.

So, it looks like we're still going to have to get in some ab workouts during these cold months. If you're like me, you don't work as hard because fall/winter is all about the layering. If you don't happen to be as toned as you were during the summer that's ok, because the sweaters offer a little bit of forgiveness. You then have a few months to get back into top shape before its bikini weather again. But the crop top trend is shaking things up this season.

Crop Tops in the cool months, Cher is always on trend. 

If you followed NYFW, stumbled across street style blogs or looked up any kind fall fashion trends in the last month or two you know that crop tops aren't going anywhere. It's true. I wouldn't lie about this.

A few crop tops have made their way into my closet this summer, which is cool. They've kept me honest to the workout game. I mean I can't have tops in my closet that I can't wear. It's also kind of nice to know that trendy items that I thought would just be a one season type of look will be something I can wear for another summer.

But are these pieces going to be something you can wear during the cold months too. I'm from Seattle, so it gets pretty cold here. So, I did some research and came up with some ideas.

The badass leather jacket takes the crop top and well, makes it badass. 

Love how Corals and Cognacs layers it up. You can wear your short sleeve summer top with a crop top and another leftover summer favorite now becomes a fall favorite too.

Black waxed jeans, black wedge shoes, an army green jacket are some of my favorite things right now - it's amazing how a fuzzy crop top sweater fits right in.

So, don't pack those summer crop tops. 



Unknown said...

Love crop tops!

Aly J said...

Ooooo... I need that lavender crop sweater in a pretty dove grey. On the hunt!

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