My 3 Favorite Ways To Wear Leopard Print Pants.

Do you have leopard pants hanging in your closet? I do. They've been there for a few months too long in opinion. I have a love for pants/leggings that stand out, but for some reason I just haven't worn these out. So, if you're like me here's a post to give us some inspiration.

Casual Cool Everyday 

My first go to would be to pair them with a leather jacket or a long denim shirt. It let's the pants do the talking and throws a cool edgy twist in your everyday.

Work It 


Wearing leopard prints to work is possible, as in they can be dressed up. A white peplum or a long blazer can take the edge and throw a polished vibe on the whole look.

No Apologies

Even though I do prefer the casual cool everyday style, the go for it statement style is something I really love too. I mean you are wearing leopard print pants. The fun is pretty much built in.

DVF  &  Juicy


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