That One Shirt that You Will Have A Hard Time Not Wearing Everyday.

You don't realize something is missing until you pull everything out of your closet. That's what I did this weekend. My beloved perfectly worn in denim shirt is missing. I already had my outfit planned, leather faux leggings, long denim shirt with a houndstooth blazer.. but no denim shirt means I threw on a sweater and I hated it. So, this just means I have to get a new one.
Why do I have to run out and get one so soon? There's no doubt this will be a fall/winter staple.

Even though I see it more as a layering piece, it looks great under sweaters, blazers and statement coats - my favorite way to wear it is oversized and rolled up sleeves.

I have a feeling that as soon as I buy a new one, my old one is going to show up. 

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