The All White Outfit. Do You Dare?

Oh, white what are you doing to me. I own a white pair of pants and whenever I put them on I say a little prayer. You're pretty much making a deal with life every time you wear white, but it's a risk worth taking. For a color that's considered a non-color really does have so much personality. Through a series of pictures I will show how white can be played with to show off your style.


Whether your more of a tutu girl, a converse one or maybe something in between, the fresh color of white does not discriminate. It plays both sides. 

There's still some part of me that wants to play the hippie, but I have nothing Abbey Lee. And the color white works it. Hey.


Now this is more my jam. Just add red lipstick, a long necklace and this would be me. 

See how that works? Many colors can play the same dress up game, but I always get a kick out of white, the canvas color can play it so well.


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Rida said...

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