Dance Party Saturdays.

I've been sleeping in on Saturdays and its nice, like really nice.. but there's just one problem. The more I sleep in the harder it is to get up and get out of that cozy stupor. As a girl who has a full time job, who tries to have time for friends, a clean apartment and run a blog - Saturdays are not for sleeping in. They are for getting breakfast ready, working out, cleaning up a little bit before I pack up my backpack and head to my local coffee shop for work and blogging. 

So, how do I get myself out this - how do I make myself climb out of my bed to tackle and win Saturday - its all about music. I can't resist dancing to a great song. 

Do you have one song that makes you just want to dance? 

This is mine.

This seriously does not get old. I've been dancing to this while drying my hair for years. 

What gets you out bed on a Saturday? 

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Unknown said...

I love Whitney! Such a classic song. My go-to at the moment is Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood. :)

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