Oxblood, Wine, Bordeaux - You'll Be Loving This Color All Season.

For a weird name, this oxblood trend sure is trendy.  I prefer to call it Bordeaux, which just rolls off the tongue in a more stylish way. Say it a few times, I think you'll agree with me. This is one of the few colors where wearing it head to toe just works. But just in case you're not a bordeaux everything kind of lady, then here's a few ways to get this amazing color into your everyday style.

Love the way A Love Affair with Fashion is all in. 

Accent It. 


If you're not sure, prefer to take baby steps or your just new to the whole color trend game - you can make the statement with a great colored coat. This color oxblood/bordeaux does come around every other year or so, a coat is one way to always be on point.

The Drama.

Chic Stylista

This color can be the drama. Do I really need to say more? 

This is on my must have list: Pencil Skirt in Metallic Leather. 

main photo: Gala Gonzalez

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