Shimmy Shoulder Shine with Free People Jewelry.

It's always exciting to see cool and different ways to wear jewelry. That's why I fell a little bit in love with the funky shoulder jewelry from Free People.

Circle Chainmail Shoulder Chain 

I mean it is coat season. Have you been anywhere without a coat for the past 2 months?  I haven't. It's the weather for turtle necks, sweaters, cowl necks - it's the weather where our necklaces won't be getting the love that they are use too. So, we need to have a little fun with it.

Triple Coin Shoulder

Even if you decide to throw the jacket to the wind and want to have play it up with a tank or even for a night out - Free People's shoulder jewelry is up to the task.

Would you wear shoulder jewelry? 

1 comment

Anonymous said...

Not sure. I wear an Anthropologie black moto jacket, which has no place to attach a chain on the shoulder, but if it did I already wear a chunky ring or two, a couple of long chains most times I wear the jacket, so should jewelry might be a bit too much for me.

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