Obessed with The Good Wife? No, I am. Here's Why You Should Be Watching it.

What's my favorite thing to do on a Monday night? Easy. I throw my backpack down and after dinner is made I sit down to watch The Good Wife. It's on it's 5th season, but I just started watching it a few months ago. I was sick and the only thing I could do was lift my roku remote. After catching up on all of my shows, I didn't know what to watch. This is the only time I've ever thanked a cold for anything.
I watched this show in record time and now I have to wait every week for it to come on. Torture.

It has...

1. Love Drama:  Yes, it's there, but this isn't the CW.
2. Court Room Drama: Unlike L&O (Which I'm a huge fan of) I can't predict what's going to happen. It's more than just rapes and murders.
3. Inside the law firm drama: Not everything happens in the court room.
4. The characters are characters:. Even their guest stars are amazing. One of my fave characters ever is on this show - Elsbeth Tascioni. She's quirky, but killer sharp. Martha Plimpton's character is also one to watch.
5. Two Sides to the Coin: Alicia is not always the strong independent role model. They've written her to be both vulnerable and strong. Yes, high power attorneys don't always have everything together.   I don't always agree with what she does, but this show always has me pulling for her.

"I  hope Emmy voters are taking note, too, and the series will be back in the running for best drama next year." Lori Rackl, The Chicago Sun Times

It's officially on midseason hiatus - this is one show I am going to be counting down till its return. 
On the bright side, if you haven't been watching this is your time to catch up. 

Find season 1-4 on Hulu and Season 5 on Amazon. 


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