Street Style to Dress Up The Little Beret Can Play the Style Game.

It may be because the Bonnie and Clyde mini-series came out this past weekend or that I've always wanted to visit Paris in the winter, but I've been checking out how stylish girls are wearing their berets. 

It's been cold outside and it's so important to cover your ears, it amazes me how just the simple act of keeping your ears covered can really help you stay warm. So, yes wear those hoods and beanies, but don't forget about the hat that's been adding a stylish tilt to many fashionable ladies heads.

What I really love about berets are their versatility. You can tilt it to the side, have it lay back on your head and find one that fits your look because of the many different prints and textures.

So, I may not be going to Paris any day soon, but I can carry it with me this winter thanks to the beret.

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Gina Whitaker said...

Fabulous dress! You look great..

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