What Will You Be Wearing Christmas Vacation?

Who else can't wait for Christmas vacation? I can't. I've already planned what movies we will be watching, what games we will be playing and now it's all about what I will be wearing. On regular off days I mostly stay in pjs. You do too, right? So, why does this vacation have to be any different? Sure, there's more dinners, holiday parties - but these dressed up pajama ideas will help you stay stylish and comfy all vacation long. 

You will have to leave your flannel pjs at home because silk is the only way to go with this look. After that all you have to do is throw on some great heels, a fur collard jacket, jewelry, red lipstick and you will be party ready and envied by everyone, who didn't wear their pjs.

Check out J.Crew for some fun prints. 

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