A Neon Green Athleta Tank and A Love Skirt - The Unlikely Outfit.

I have a special place in my heart for neon green. That's why I had to have this Chi tank from Athleta. Little did I know it would be the top that I have been needing in my closet for the last 8 months. That's how long this Love skirt has been hanging in my closet. I found it in the Petite section at Topshop, it was Love at first try on. I didn't worry about how I was going to wear it, all  I knew was that I had to have it. But after countless times trying to find the perfect top to pair it with, I almost gave up on it all together. One last ditch effort to wear this skirt had me pairing it with an unlikely partner, a neon workout tank. 

I chose this tank to begin with because its made from ultra light material, its also super soft and stretchy. It's perfect to wear to my hot yoga classes. It's also known for keeping you dry and having Unstinkable technology built in. These are all pluses in my book.

The light material was really key to make this look work. This skirt is is not forgiving. Tucking anything showed up in major wrinkles. Yeah, I'm not leaving the house like that.
Also, even though I love this skirt, I can't help but think that my bum resembles the Kardashians, thanks to the way LOVE is written on it. I never thought I would have to put a disclaimer on my site saying: " I am no way related to the Kardashians even though my bum makes it seem like I am."

It's still too cold to go out in just a tank, but I am looking forward to pairing this tank with other skirts and shorts in the coming warmer months.

Chi  Tank  - c/o Athleta
Love Skirt - Topshop
Leather Jacket - H&M
Shoes - JustFab

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