Are Chaturanga Tights Only for Yoga?

January has been about getting fit for me. I've never done so much yoga in my life. But, it's not easy to always to find the time. Early morning meetings, blogging sessions, events and phone calls usually knock my morning workouts out and I have to fit it in during the day. But the last thing I want is to pack a huge bag of exercise clothes. So, I had to figure out a way to look stylish while wearing clothes for the gym.Thanks to Athleta I was able to figure it out. Here's my favorite look from Athleta's Fit Meets Style challenge.

These two pieces from Athleta were instant must haves for me. First of all neon always gets me, so this top had no choice but to be mine. Not only is it light weight for yoga class, but it's easy to style it into a day look. See how I paired it with my favorite skirt here.  

This blog post is all about these amazing Chaturanga Drifter Tights

Can a fur vest really look good with chaturanga pants? 

Um, I think so. What I love about these pants is that they are super comfortable. That's the workout ready part. The slim fit and the fact that they're all black make them perfect to dress up on days you have to go to work before the gym. One less thing you have to pack, always a plus in my book.

Who doesn't love zippers? I didn't realize I loved them so much until these came into my life. On each leg of the workout pants is a zipper. It's slim and long enough to fit your phone and of course, your drivers license and bank card. I confess, sometimes when I'm running errands I plan an outfit around these pants because of the zippers - no purse needed.

I own a lot of workout pants, but these are the only pair that I would actually wear out of the gym on purpose. I did mention that this is my favorite outfit that I've styled with these chaturanga tights so far. But these have easily become one of my favorite pieces in my closet. They go with boots, wedges, sweaters and long tanks with a leather jacket - so everything that I love to wear.

So, don't be surprised if you see these chaturanga drifter tights pop up in another outfit post.

Neon Top: c/o Athleta
Workout Pants: c/o Athleta


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