Happy Valentine's Day. Roses Are Red and So Is Most of This Outfit.

I wish I could tell you that it's warm enough to enjoy tea on my buildings rooftop deck in only a sweater, but dear goodness it's not. But you won't hear me complaining, especially since I have the perfect red coat to keep me warm.

It's funny, even though I love red.. see hair, lipstick and coat, I really don't wear it in a girly way. I always seem to mix it up with black, textured pants or something else in my closet that twists the look. What can I say, its just may way.

How much do I love this coat? Let me count the way. Well, besides being a great piece that adds color to any all black outfit, the fit is perfect. I've had this H&M coat for over 2 years and I've only had to get the buttons fixed once. That's one darn good reason to love it. 

My current favorite little purse goes perfectly with my red coat. It's also super small, but fits everything I need. I found it at Nordstroms and since it had my name on it, I just had to get it. No regrets. 

There's seems to be a theme going with my latest outfits posts. They're all made up of pieces I've had in my closet forever and never worn. These high waisted pants and frilly shoes definitely fall in the same category. I don't have a good reason, I just never got around to it. But today the look just fell into place. 
So, Happy Valentine's Day. I think you know what red coat I will be wearing on this special day. 


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