Leopard and Red: One of My Favorite Outfit Combos.

I know exactly where it went - My beloved Seattle Seahawks won the Super bowl and I celebrated all weekend. Well, I had to work during the Superbowl, but a huge projector screen and catering totally made up for it. Blue and green will be my favorite colors for awhile, but my other more out there favorite outfit combo is red and leopard.

This is a little on the naughty side. I didn't realize that my top was so see through, I blame the sun. But obviously I'm not that embarrassed.. I am posting the photo. I do love the fact that it gave me the opportunity to write the word naughty. It's one of my favorite words that I brought back with me from London, but I really don't use it enough.

Obviously, I'm on a tangent right now. Let's get back to the outfit.

Nasty Gal Pants 

I've had these pants from Nastygal in my closet for months. I saw them on instagram and went straight to their site to buy them. Surprisingly, it was a little difficult to find the right top to go with leopard print sweat pants. Who would have thought? But once I paired these two together, it was a like this was always meant to happen. Separately red is my favorite color and leopard is my favorite print - so, it makes me so happy that these go together like they were separated at birth.

 I knew from the beginning that these high wedged, ankle strap heels would be the perfect way to dress up these sweatpants. Honestly, these shoes go with everything and they're super comfortable.

I can pretty much guarantee that this combo will be a frequent look on this blog. 

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Raffles Bizarre said...

Those trousers are SO cool!! Wish it was nice and sunny here.
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