Why I Decided to Say Goodbye to My Acrylic Nails.

Yes, those are my real nails. What you didn't know I had fake ones? Well, I did - for almost 4 years. It started because I was a serious nail biter. I bit my nails when I was nervous, when I was scared, when I was happy - for pretty much any reason. I was tired of being embarrassed of my hands and decided to get acrylics.Trust me, it was a last resort decision.  Also, this was before shellac or gel, so this was really my only option.

Last weekend, when I went to get a new set put on I was blown away on how fragile and broken down my real nails looked. I was so used to acrylics that I never thought about how my real nails were being effected.
I had really done this to myself because I couldn't stop biting my nails?
Well, challenge accepted.
Goodbye acrylics!

You may notice that I already have a chipped nail. 
Real nails are really fragile. Also, they aren't as heavy, so I have to get used to how different it feels to type. 

A few days in and I have't bitten my nails off. I think it's pretty safe to say that I won't be going back to acrylics. I'm looking forward to having fun with my real nails. 



Siiri said...

Good for you! Word to the wise if you switch/try shellac: When it's time to change or take it off, do NOT (under any circumstances) peel it off yourself dry. It takes layers of your real nails off and is SO tender and painful. It's hard to resist, but do it once and you'll know how much it hurts. (speaking from experience here.) I use a heavy grit emery board to cross-hatch the polish first, then do the 100% acetone soaked cotton ball on nail, wrapped in foil for 10-12 minutes. Then it falls right off. (I am sure you've already known this or heard it 1,000 times!) BTW: your nails look fab in that pic and I didn't even notice the chip!

AlixRose said...

@Siiri - Thanks so much for the tip. I will definitely go to a professional. They are still so fragile, but once they get stronger I will try the acetone thing.

Thanks again.

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