Must Have Shoes for Spring Days & Summer Nights.

 I am currently sitting here in rain boots, but I can't help but day dream about days where I can wear open toe heels. To tell you the truth, most nights out, I slip into my favorite lace up heels. I saw a low heeled beauty on Shoemint few months back and had to have them. Now all I see in my sunny day future is lace up heels and more lace up heels. Here are a few different ways that I can't wait to wear them.


Lace ups have this built in sex appeal and since I'm not used to that I usually "compliment" it by dressing it down. So, this is where plaid can definitely be of help. Casual sexy, yeah you can call this that. 

I all kinds of adore this look from Song of Style. These seriously worn in tattered boyfriend jean shorts are all of a sudden dressed up because of these heels. Wouldn't you think some sort of flat sandal should be paired with this look? But for petite girls this is a way to make our petite legs look even longer. I will definitely be doing this in the summer. 


Ok, it's not summer quite yet, but here's a "warm" look for the cool days until then. These are three of my favorite things in one look. The long fur vest, the distressed jeans and the black lace up heels. Where would you wear this? Night out, dinner date, brunch, an event - seriously, I would wear this almost anywhere. Just switch up the clutch to handbag and you have a day look.


On those days where I want to wear a skirt, the lace up heels will still be a go to. 

Of course I'm already bookmarking some of my favorites. 
Sarah Jessica Parker Collection

Free People

This list could have been longer, but these are my faves so far. 
Shoes for sunny days - yes, please! 


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Unknown said...

obsessed with the lace up heel right now! currently on the hunt for the perfect pair for Seattle summer nights:)

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