Style Confessions for Nordstrom Rack: The Rebel Wears White!

Super excited to kick off a 3 post series for Nordstrom Rack, where I share a few of my style confessions.
So, let's get real. Why is this post titled, The Rebel Wears White?
I always feel a little bit like a rebel when I wear white. I know "black" is known for holding that title, but I'm comfortable in black. I enjoy black, I could live in it everyday. But it's white that keeps me on my toes. It's the color white that seriously makes me second guess myself before I walk out of the house. Why? Well, if I must confess.
It was windy on the roof. 

 I'm not messy, but white does bring out the klutz in me. I've ruined countless white jackets, shirts, tops, pants, dresses and every single loss.. hurt. All of these "accidents" have made me think that maybe white isn't the color for me, that maybe I should walk away and relish in all of the other colors of the rainbow. But we always want what we can't have. So, I rebel and buy white - That's why I had to have this Harlowe and Graham blazer. I was drawn to it and there was no leaving it at Nordstrom Rack. It feeds two of my addictions, my blazer love and my rebellious need to wear white.

I don't usually pose like this, but these Paige Denim jeans are just that comfortable. 

This may sound silly,but I have always considered white on the fancy side. It's crisp, clean and fresh. That's why I decided to pair this blazer with these Paige Denim boyfriend jeans. Taking two contrasting pieces and styling them together is one of my favorite ways to dress.

Where did the sun go?

I do feel more comfortable wearing white in the form of this top. The sheer black and white print makes it easier to wear white everyday. It's funny, but these type of tops never get ruined. It's just the all white pieces. How does the universe know???

So, I've told you that white makes me feel like I'm throwing caution to the wind and risking it all. And I've also confessed that I like to take the fancy down a notch with a pair of boyfriend jeans, it seriously one of my favorite ways to put together an outfit. Two confessions in one post... well, I guess I open up pretty easy.

Next month I will share another confession or two... 

Blazer: Harlowe and Graham
Top: Chloe k
Jeans: Paige Denim
Necklace: Marc Jacobs 
All Found and C/O of Nordstrom Rack

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. Black is easier for me and way more comfortable. White feels more statement making and brighter making me feel more self conscious! Definitely going to make an effort to find a white blazer for this spring! Love how you styled yours!

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