Update: Polishing Your Nails Is Not Like Riding A Bike.

It's been a month since I decided to go au natural with my nails. 
Do you remember this blog post? Why I Decided to Say Goodbye to My Acrylic Nails. I go into full dramatic detail on why I had acrylics in the first place and then I explain how after years in the acrylic life I walked away.
Well, you're probably wondering how things have been going.
Well, first things first... my nails were/are very sick. I didn't realize how brittle acrylics made them. My first clue is when they started to break like I had been digging holes with my hands for 8 hours for 30 days straight. I didn't have to be doing anything strenuous. They would just crack and fall apart. I even used shellac, but nothing was holding them together.

I would like to thank Julep for sending me a care package full of amazing things to make my nails stronger and prettier. This is a whole new space for me, so I didn't know where to start. So, thanks Julep for setting me on the right path.
The biggest surprise. So, you know the saying, "It's like riding a bike." Well, some things aren't like riding a bike. I used to paint my own nails when I was a teenager. I wasn't exceptional at it, but I got the job done in a decent way. So, I thought it would all come back to me with no problem.

This is the better hand. The right hand has always been harder to polish.  Bess and Madison from Julep.

This seriously looks like I did this with 2 left hands. I'm trying guys. This is a serious challenge, but I know my nails will be better for it in the long run. So, if you run into me - don't look at my hands to closely. I'm a work in progress.

I used these two tonight. A nice hand scrub for the hands and a top coat to help my nails get stronger.

Any tips are completely appreciated. 

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Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

I follow you on Instagram but didn't know you had a blog! How terrible is that?! It's always the way, ugh.

I'm not sure how to strengthen nails, but despite feeling like you painted them with two left hands, I think the results are great! You did good!! I'm also a big fan of natural nails (but have had acryllics in the distant past) so just be patient, they will strenthen up over time, but it does take time.

PS - your vacation / yoga treat trip looked awesome!

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