What to Pack When You Go to Sayulita, Mexico? Been There, Packed That.

I packed 6 pairs of shoes and I really could have been fine with a pair of vibrant sandals and a pair of black ones. This fashion blogger went overboard, but thanks to my mistake you won't have to.
I was lucky enough to pack my huge suitcase to the brim for 10 great days. Two nights in Puerto Vallarta and the rest of my stay in Sayulita for a yoga retreat. To be fair most of my suitcase was filled with yoga clothes, but here's what you need if you're just going for a relaxing time in a great little town.

Can't remember where I got the dress on the left, but the dress on the right is from Marshall's last summer. 

The little white dress. This is perfect for after the sun fun. Don't you want to show off your sunkissed glow? I do. And white is the perfect way to do that.

Marshall's patterned dress, Victoria secret bathing suit top and forever 21 bottoms. 

But let's be real. You're going to spend the most of your time at the beach. I had 4 swimsuits that could be mixed and matched, so it seemed like I had an endless supply. Definitely take a halter top or some sort of suit with straps. Those waves are strong and if you want to get some surfing in you're definitely going to need that.
The cover up. A flowy patterned dress was the perfect way to go from beach to walking around the town. I really wish I would have brought more of these. The last thing I wanted to do was put on shorts and a tank top.

See Eyewear

Sunglass's baby! You're going to be wearing these from 7am to 7pm. I brought a few pairs, but my See Eyewear gold trim were my go to's. They're classic in their shape, but a fun look. There was no doubt who these shades belonged to.

The town is vibrant and constantly moving.

Marshall's cut out dress and long cotton maxi from Topshop

When the sun goes down it does get a little chilly. Not too chilly, but a long maxi is perfect. Also, it made me feel  like it gave me a little bit of barrier from the mosquitoes. I danced my butt off in these dresses, so they weren't long and tight. They had some room to move.

On Friday nights there's a beach dance party called Camaron. We danced under the stars on a stage, that looked over the sandy beach. There's no dress code. It's a totally "Come as you are" place. 

Marika, Chad and Dawnie Rae - Some of the people that danced the night away with me at the Camaron.

So, really pack flowy dresses for day, night and all the time in between. The streets are rocky, so don't bring your favorite shoes, just bring your sandals. I wish I would have known all of this before I went, but  since I'm pretty sure I will be back there in some way or another, now I know and so do you.

I will have a post up about the yoga trip soon. Trying to get photos together. 


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