You'll Definitely Need These to Work the Backless Trend.

Baby got back, but not that booty back.. its all about showing off those shoulder blades, girl. 
This isn't a revolutionary new trend. There's been backless fashion for awhile, but its hot hot right now. 
Last summer season it was all about cut outs, but this summer forget the cut out - show it all off. 
So, you're going to need this. 

The past few tops and dresses I've been falling in love with have no backs. I'm not a fan of backless bras or strapless ones, so I found these. They're amazing. I now have no qualms about purchasing a backless top or dress. 

1. They're easy to put on. 
2. One size fits all cuts. What do I mean about this?
Well, tops and dresses can have a funny cut, so you have to have different shapes of strapless bras for different tops. The little silicon pads can work with any top or dress, even if its a the crazies cut imaginable. 
3. Flesh toned. Who has a white, black and nude strapless bra in their underwear draw. 
You have to, right? 
4. Reusable. I've used mine up to at least 12 times before I decided I needed a new pair. 
They're like fake eyelashes. If you take care of them you can use them over and over. 

1. They don't offer any support. 
2. You may never go back to bras. They're so comfortable and easy to put on, that it's hard to go back to bras. 

So, bring on the backless. I'm ready. 

photo source alltheprettybirds

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MizzJ said...

I have a pair of these (different brand) and they are such a lifesaver!

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