Dear Creatures, The Fashion Line that Calls for Sunny Days and Lemonade.

This totally takes me back to high school. No, I wasn't alive in the era this line is inspired by, but I dressed like I was. When I was finally able to break free from my elementary uniform and wear real clothes, I found a trunk full of my mom's high school clothes. I also happened to be obsessed with oldies music, so I felt like the clothes completed me. When I saw the Dear Creatures look book it took me back to my sophomore year. Instead of being squeamish over my awkward years, it made me nostalgic. It also made me long for summer days and lemonade. 

I pretty much wore my mom's vintage clothes until they fell apart. The girl who loves oldies music and polka dots is still alive in me and totally feels like she needs to find her record player and buy a few of these great pieces from Dear Creatures to truly rock out this summer.


Sandra said...

Wow! Every photo looks so pefect! She looks super feminine!

Katherine ChloƩ Cahoon said...

I’m in love with this vintage look! Thanks for showing it to us.

MizzJ said...

The hair! Those clothes! I'm right with you on feeling this collection.

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