Stripes Here, Stripes There, Stripes Wear Them Anywhere!

Stripes never seem to go out of style. You maybe able to have some layering it up fun in the fall in winter, but its definitely the warmer months that makes this staple shine. 

Your favorite striped long sleeved shirt doesn't have to packed away. In fact, dress it up and let it see some sunny days.

I know I've called it a staple, but even staples can help you work an out of the box look. 

But I have to confess, I don't have a striped dress. There's something so fresh, about a black and white striped summer dress.. and one will be mine.

I love how the pictures of the striped trend above show how it can pull off a beach party,  a black tie party, a fashion event or just an everyday look.


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