What Do You Really Think of Birkenstocks?

 The newest old sandal to become hot hot hot. Yes, its true Birkenstock is having a revival. The chicest of the chic are claiming them to be their favorite new sandal for the summer. It's come a little bit of shock to me. I remember when it was popular the last time, but it never reached these fashion heights.
So, tell me. What do you think of the Birkenstock? Fashion do or hmm not my style?
In truth, it makes me flat foot look even flatter. So, its not my first choice.
But then...

I saw these blinged out Birkenstock like sandals from Zara. Why do shiny things call to me? Now I want to try these on. Maybe my flat foot won't look so flat in these dressed up birks. ;)

photo source: fashionmenow


Unknown said...

While I don't think they are particularly pretty, I remember how comfy they are and am excited to have them come back in style just to give my feet a break from more-recent, painful sandal trends.

Edster said...

Noooooo!!!!! Having gone to Western in the 90's where Birkenstock's were practically issued to you on enrollment I was very happy that they eventually went away. It does not matter who you are they just look terrible. For the love of god I hope they don't make a resurgence, but if they do I can see Seattle at the forefront once again

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