When A Romper Doesn't Work.... Match It Up!

Why can't I find one that fits?! I've tried on countless jumpsuits, but for some reason my petite curvy frame just can't make a jumpsuit work. This is a complex I get sad about every time a sunny day graces Seattle. But, I had an epiphany the other day. When a jumpsuit doesn't work just match it up. Yeah, its really that easy. 

I don't know why I never thought about it before, maybe it was the sad haze. You know when you focus on what you can't have instead of trying to find a cheat, so you can wear what you want. 

There's also another plus.... Sure, you can dress up a jumpsuit quite a few ways, BUT you can have a million more outfit combinations with your matching top and bottoms. 

So, even though jumpsuits/rompers may not work for this small torso, there's always a bright side. 

photos: tarastarle, tuulavintage, sincerely jules, song of style


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