School's in for Summer: A Pleated Style Story

So, pleats are growing on me. I never thought I would say that. I never thought I would write a trend story about pleats, especially pleated skirts. 
Why am I so against this style of dress? Well, I had to wear a pleated skirt as part of a school uniform for too many years. I hated it. 

These skirts are pleated, but they in now way remind me of school. In fact, I would have skipped to school happily if I could have worn skirts these pretties. 

Here's a few of my favorite ways to wear this summer style: 

The crop top look. 
 Make that school girl look grown up. 

With sneakers
The sporty look - I love mixing looks. 


I'm all for color, but classic black is always chic. 

Long sleeves.
For the breezy beautiful cool summer days, the long pleated dress makes you look effortless. 

Moral to the story: Never Say Never 
The only question is what length should my pleated skirt be? That's a whole other blog post. 


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