Why Aren't You Wearing This Top?

Why aren't you rocking the peasant top? These casual cool tops can really bring that effortless summer look to life. You don't have to be a hippie or a child of the 70's in order to wear one of these festive tops. Here's a few ways to make it part of your summer life.


Are you walking around your city or maybe you're on vacation? - the peasant blouse is light and perfect as an around the town look.

The blouse that can also be a beach cover up. 

The detail makes it stand out from other tops. There will be a style that fits you.

I do see this more as a "I'm on vacation" top. It's one that I would love to wear in small beach towns. But if I can't wear it on the streets of a beach town, I want to look I just came from the beach and this top is perfect for that.


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