Summer Fun: I Have Blonde Hair!

So, this is what happens when you trust your hair stylist.. .you go blonde. Over the past year I've become adventurous in the hair department. It's fun to switch things up and when Allegra suggested going blonde for summer, I jumped on it.

I've done the balayage treatment before, but this is the first time I've done a foil. This hairstyle is actually a combination of both treatments. The foil is at the top and the bottom is all balayaged.

First time my bangs have been a different color.. ever. 

Do blondes have more fun? To tell you the truth I had a lot of fun as a brunette, but this golden color has been fun to dress up. It's cool how your freckles pop a little differently, your lipstick shines a little brighter and how easy breezy it is and goes perfectly with my summer dresses.

Coupe Rokei Salon

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