The Beach to the Street This Fashion Twist Stands Out!

Summer is winding down... I know its hard for me to admit too. The stores are quickly changing from sun dress havens to sweater boxes. So, instead of buying new summer blouses and dresses we're having to dress up and play with our favorite pieces. So, what's a girl to do? It doesn't have to be complicated. Knot it up.

Maxi dresses perfect for those inbetween weather days can be knotted up for bike rides.

This a trick petite girls use for dresses that are just a little too long or a little too boxy. 

When the sun starts to go down, but you want to soak up beach time as much as possible, knot up your cover up. 

Looking to borrow your boyfriends summer shirt - knot it up for a perfect fit. 

Or knot up your button up and wear it with your boyfriend jeans. 
The best thing about knots - they're not permanent. You can easily play around with it or just completely undo it. So, next time you're looking in the mirror trying to figure out a new way to wear your favorite summer piece, try knotting it up.

pic source: 123456

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