Fall In Love: 5 Ways to Rock Your Tan Blazer This Fall!

It's blazer time! I live in blazers, but I have to admit I feel like its a little too soon to pull out the black ones for daytime wear. It's still hot out and the two times I've worn a black blazer out I've thought... too soon. But you know what blazer you can rock on sunny days... Your tan one! Here's a few of my favorite ways to wear a tan blazer all fall long.

First, Damsel in Dior rocks it with distressed jeans and a plain shirt - a classic and great look. And my favorite way to wear any blazer.

Ignore my desk in the background. I still haven't put anything on the wall. On my long to do list. 

This is my favorite way to rock a tan blazer - with a summer dress, especially a backless one. Yes, backless dresses were all the rage this summer. Instead of packing them away, just add a blazer and you can take your summer dress to work.

Oh, hi leather shorts. Oh and how perfect they go with a light tan blazer. The structure takes the edginess of the shorts and makes them sophisticated.

It rains a lot in Seattle. Those days are coming, so being able to layer it up is super important. Your tan blazer is up to the job.

Color. I have red pants, I have green pants, I have printed pants and you know what - a tan blazer is up to the challenge. Case and point.

It's funny; a tan blazer can seem too neutral, but this piece will not go out of style, in fact, it will take all of the trendy pieces in your closet and make them look good. So, look good this Fall and rock that tan blazer.

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