Fall In Love: 6 Ways to Mix and Match Your Sweater & Skirts For The Perfect Fall Look.

Sweaters plus skirts. Fair warning - This blog post is not about sweater dresses. Nope, it's all about the crazy, sleek, fun way to wear your favorite fall sweaters with your favorite skirts.

In the first few weeks of fall, the weather is all kinds of confusing. So, its the perfect time to bundle up top, but still show a little leg.

The slouchy oversized sweater is a hot item this fall. But it's important to keep it form-fitting in the bottom part of the outfit.

  Turtleneck sweaters eat necks, so keep the skirt above the knee. You don't want to look like your outfit is eating you.

Remember when I said that you should have a form-fitting skirt, well if you're more of a flowy skirt kind of girl, then a fitted sweater is the way to go.

You thought this was all about long skirts. Nope, skirts come in all different sizes and so do sweaters, therefore, the look still works.

The crop-top sweater can help you pull off a little trick. Do you want to do the skirt and sweater look, but don't have a skirt to play up. Do you have a dress? Just put your sweater over it and wahla - you have a skirt and sweater look... kinda. 

Tuck it in. Yes, tuck in that sweater. Look, the most important thing is to try to mix and match your sweaters and skirts to find a look that works for you. In turn, you will come up with outfits you never thought possible. You will have a million different looks that will take you all the way through fall.

Have all the fun.


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