Fall In Love: Olive Green Jeans and Leopard Print.

It still may be 80 degrees outside, I may have had ice cream last night, and I may have a watermelon in my fridge, but I know Fall is right around the corner. And to tell you the truth I'm excited. Yes, I love summer, but I'm a fall girl at heart. So, I've been dreaming up Fall outfits. Here's one of my favorite fall combos: Olive Green and Leopard Print.

I doubt seeing leopard print as one of my fave things for fall isn't a surprise. I will pretty much wear it year round. But the chemistry it has with olive green is electric.

I'm currently feeling olive green jeans and leopard print heels.

I wouldn't necessarily wear flats, but this is cute. And if I was to own flats I would have it in leopard print.

Last year I bought a pair of leopard print heels from Zara. I loved them all Fall long. But, I never wore them with olive hued jeans.. why? Well, I didn't own any. But this is definitely a combo I'm excited rock it this fall season.


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Monica said...

Wow! You own quite a few leopard shoes! I just realized, I don't have any! Well, wait... I take that back. I have one pair, but they are emerald green with black leopard spots. I especially love pony hair leopard shoes and bags. They're always super classy.

xoxx, Monica
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