All About Hair: R&Co Hair Products That Came Home With Me.

I used to be a prude when it came to my hair. It had to be straight and black. I wouldn't dye it; I wouldn't curl it, and the most rebellious thing I would do was change my part. Well, things have changed! I love having fun with my hair, so when Gene Juarez invited me to try out R&Co products I was ecstatic. First of all, I don't know much about hair products, so before I buy anything it has to prove itself. R&Co didn't disappoint.

I scheduled a GJ express blowdry. I had to fit it in on  my lunch hour. (It didn't take a full hour) Marcela was able to do curl my hair in a way that I had not thought possible. But I had pretty much given up on curling irons and flat irons, my hair was too straight to hold it. I guess I was wrong. She used R&Co products Chiffon Mousse, Jackpot Styling Creme and Rock Away Sea Salt Spray

I was sold. 

I know it's fall, but that beach messy look is still my favorite thing to do with my hair. It may not be on trend, but if a look works for you, why change it? So, this Sea Salt "Rock Away" had to come home with me.

Here's a few other items that are on my must have list. 
You can find the full line at Gene Juarez Seattle/Bellevue. 
Also, I can't recommend that Express Blowdry enough. I will be doing that again. 

Thanks to Gene Juarez for inviting me to try R&Co out. 


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