Seven Salon Tutorial: How I Became Hair Twins with January Jones.

Didn't I make a new years resolution to have more fun with my hair this year? Yes, I did. Last year it was all about hair color, and that's definitely going to continue this year.. But how about everyday styling. Yeah, that's my problem. I pretty much have the straight look every single day.

This year it's going to be different. So, yes the messy curl is all the rage. I pinned January Jones picture months ago. I loved it; I wanted it. But I know that she probably had a team of people create that look for her. I can't have a team of people doing my hair every morning, so I resigned myself to never having this awesome effortless look.

Well, I was WRONG it does not take a team of people!
It only takes one patient hair stylist to show you how to do it.
Thanks to Lauren at Seven Salon for showing me how easy it really is.
This tutorial comes straight from Lauren and will make you hair twins with January Jones in no time.

  1. Curl with flat iron away from the face and speed through the ends making is less structured.
  2.  Toward the back of the hair, alternate direction, speed, and section sizes. 
  3. Top with a light-handed fingertip application of POLISH to the surface of the hair to remove flyaways and protect against humidity. 
  4. Twist POLISH into the ends of the hair to give curls hold and separation.

See, it's super easy.  

Thanks to Seven Salon for making my hair dreams come true. Especially to Lauren for answering all of my questions and walking me through the steps a few times. I walked out of there feeling like I could do it at home.


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