Can't Decide What Nail Polish Color To Wear - Try This One.

Last month I went on vacation, so of course I had to make a very important decision - what nail polish color would work from beach days to going out nights. Instead of going with my usual neon/bright color I decided on white. Not just any white, white out white - white hot white - eye blinding white..

I fell in love with it so hard that more than a month later/two shellacs later I am still rocking it. I don't see myself changing it anytime soon. This is really the longest I've ever had a nail polish color.

At first it worked with my tan, then I started to notice how it made my blue jeans pop and how the color just worked whether I was wearing all black or or all color. It just holds its own.

What color are you loving? And what's the longest you've ever worn one color? 


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