Dressing Up is Fun To Do. Is the Crop + Midi Combo for You?

One day I'm going to stop rhyming my headlines, one day. But obviously not today. 
Dress season is already upon us and if you have a schedule like mine, you're already thinking you need a new summer wardrobe. But, I don't feel like breaking the bank, so here's a look I am going to jump on this summer to keep me feeling and looking ready for anything.

The crop top and midi skirt trend
It was around last summer, but I was pretty sure it wouldn't work for a petite girl like me. When I finally tried one on last week, I changed my mind. I'm allowed to do that.

Brunch with the ladies. 
In Seattle brunch becomes the weekend thing to do in the summer. It's also fun to do with your girls.

Date Night
Leave your pants at home. It's warming up just enough to work the midi skirt. Go with a fun print skirt to take sexy up a notch. Also, don't be afraid to wear a deep V crop top.

A little Dash of Darling

Fourth of July
Dress it up for the holidays. What's better than gingham print for a picnic date on the 4th of July?
Nothing really. I would add a red flower in your hair to make the overall look work for the holiday. But have fun with it.

The best thing - Buy a few pieces, mix and match them and work this look all summer long.

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