Festival Fringe Can Be Fun Any Day Of the Week.

To be honest, I dipped my toe into this look last summer. What do I mean by dipped? I bought a fringe skirt. I only wore it once and then left in the closet. I just wasn't there yet. But this past weekend I found it and realized that fringe was going to be a spring/summer favorite. The great part is that fringe is coming in all colors and styles. Here're a few looks that will make you a fringe fan girl.

The fringe movement may be super hot because of festival season coming up, I have no doubt there will be a lot of fringe at Coachella. But fringe can be fun for more than just a weekend.

It's super fun for a night out, for brunch.. or really just because you want to have a little fun with your look on an ordinary day. I don't know how you can keep a smile off your face when you're wearing fringe.

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