4 Ways to Be A Beautiful Biker Babe This Summer.

It's that time of year again where I have dreams of wearing a flowing dress, mirrored sunglasses and my favorite nikes as I ride a neon bike down the Elliot Bay Trail. 
Then reality hits, I don't own a bike. But that doesn't mean I won't have a chance to bike ride this summer. And in order to be ready for any spontaneous bike riding opportunities that come my way I put together some outfit ideas. 
So, here's some biker babe outfit ideas to keep you riding in style all summer long. 


Riding a bike is not all about fun and games. It can also be work. As in you can wear your work clothes on your bike. Seattle has a lot of hills, so you may work up a little sweat, but its an option. Who would have thought that pinstripes looked good on a bike? It does.

Stockholm Street Style

One of my favorite trends this summer is the overall and heels look. This little leather number spins the whole trend on its head and so does wearing heels to ride a bike. This outfit may be more just for looks. But if you're meeting some friends for HH or going to an early dinner not too far away this would be a fun way to mix up your look and your ride. Summer is the time to try new things, right?

Atlantic Pacific

I am all for color coordination. And if you want to match your outfit to your bike, just do it. It's bound to happen. Don't shy away from it, embrace it. I think this is a great sign that you're becoming one with your bike. It's also just fun. If you go the dress route, this is perfect for brunch, or a picnic in the park.

The casual cool Saturday morning ride. Spring/Summer mornings are still on the chilly side. So, your favorite fall pieces can come in handy. So take your beanie, jean jacket and pair it with your new maxi skirt. This way you can be ready to spend the day pushing your bike through farmers markets, along the pier or onto a ferry. The only thing missing is a backpack. The backpack is a perfect way to store your layers away as the day gets warmer.

I seem to see more bike riders on the weekend. The hardcore racers and the casual weekend riders. That's the beautiful thing about riding a bike; you can find one that fits you. It also supports any style you chose to channel that day. If you want to ride to work, wear pink head to toe, skip a taxi and ride your bike in heels to Happy Hour you can.

Riding a bike this summer is on my to do list. And I hope that its now on yours too.


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