Fitness Event: Are Your Wearing The Right Sports Bra? Take the Fit Test At Title 9 to Find Out.

Are you wearing the right sports bra? I thought I could answer yes to this question. But after taking a fit test at Title 9 I realized I was totally wearing the wrong sports bra for running.

A few years ago, I was running up to 20 miles a week. I had to stop because I hurt my knee -the result of wearing the wrong shoes. That's another story for another post. Anyways, I had a plethora of sports bras that I rotated during that time. They were neon, printed and comfortable. Those were the only requirements for me - stylish and comfy.

Now, I know that comfortable requirement was not really what I thought it was. Luckily Title 9 was hosting a fit fest at their Greenlake location.

What's a fit fest? The store is set up so after you choose a sports bra they have a few fun ways to test it out. Don't worry you won't be doing a lot of running or any obstacle courses. I elected to work the hula hoop to see if the sports bra I chose kept my ladies supported. It did.

There are a lot of bras to choose from, but after being measured and explaining what kind of exercise I participate in we were able to pick out a few to fit my workout style.  I chose the Tech Athena Bra. 

Testing out my new sports bra by hula hooping. 

The fit. I thought it was too tight. But then a light bulb went off. I've been wearing the wrong sports bra. My boobs were not supposed to move around and the pain I sometimes felt after a long run was not normal.

I'm so happy I went to Fit Fest. I feel ready for the summer, and I didn't have to sacrifice style. The one I chose is neon - YES!

The Fit Fest is going on Today 5/20 & Tomorrow 5/21 at their GreenLake Location. 


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