Fitness Style Review: YOGASMOGA - Stylish & Comfortable.

I spend about 12 hours a week in yoga clothes, class time added to the time I walk around in my clothes before and after class adds up.  It really really adds up. It's no wonder I am kind of picky about the clothes I wear. That's why I was super excited to try out these beautiful blue pieces from Yogasmoga. 

I'm a girl who loves style, so the first thing that I noticed was the vibrant color. They're seriously this bright, no filter. I've been trying to expand my color palette, so this was a welcomed sight.
I know when I first started yoga I bought everything grey and black, I wasn't comfortable in my body, but now I'm proud of the small my accomplishments. So, I've been treating myself to colorful, printed clothes. These fit the bill. Their sleek styles come in all different colors.

How does it fit?
I barely reach 5 feet, so it's all about crop pants and short tops for me. Thankfully crop pants are easy to find, but tops are a whole different story. Some of my tops have so much material at the bottom that it becomes a real headache. I didn't have a problem with these at all.

How did they do in class?
I didn't feel restricted at all. It happened to be a hotter than normal class and instead of pulling at my top to breathe I focused on my form. In fact I really didn't think about my clothes at all. That's a win for me. 

 The biggest test is the roll down. Did my top roll down and expose my stomach to the whole class when I was in down dog? Nope, awesome! 

Overall these were great pieces; they fit my style and comfort requirements.
Just to note: You can't wear these pieces alone, add a sports bra to fit your support needs.


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