Summer Fancy: One Easy Way To Dress Up Your Holey Jeans.

In the summer, it's always a little harder for me to wear heels. But, I do feel a little out of sorts in flats. It's just that I tend to walk a little more because of the sunny weather. So, I don't give up I just give in to the flat game. So, in order to get myself back into the heel side of life, I put together a little inspiration.

I'm currently feeling jeans with holes. I don't discriminate - big holes, small holes, I love it all. I do typically go the casual look route with them; it's easy. But I love how they easily they can be dressed up, and it only takes one easy element of style. HEELS!

All of sudden your look goes from Saturday casual to date night. It's really that easy. I know I'm going to be working this combo all summer.

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Ananya said...

U have sexy legs.. N love d way u styled ur outfit !

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