7 Reasons to Not Pack Away Your Black Clothes This Summmer

I love wearing black all year long. In fact, I am wearing a black dress as I write this, and it's about 80 degrees outside. I do try to wear a little more white and color in the summer, but my black dresses are still in the rotation. So here are a few ways to wear your favorite black pieces all summer long. 

Have you ever thought about wearing shorts to work? It seems like a fine line and totally dependent on the style of shorts. Black instantly takes the controversial "maybe you shouldn't wear that" look to office appropriate. If Christine Centenera can do it, I can too. Definite style envy.

Date night is going to be every night this summer. If you're heading out with your significant other, meeting up with the ladies or even doing a little happy hour fun with some co-workers, an all black outfit is the perfect look to rock. 


Does your event schedule seem to triple in the summer? I know mine does, but it's not hard to add a little fancy to your everyday look with a fun LBD. LBD's don't have a seasonality attached to them. That's why they work.

on the racks

Summer leather, black leather - it does make sense! I wake up on the go every single day. I'm never late, but I'm always about 5 minutes from being late, so finding something to wear can be headache. But a leather skirt can be effortless in style and time. A lady on the go always needs easy, stylish pieces. 

Sincerely Jules

The most important summertime ritual - farmers market shopping.  Pike Place Market is here all year round, but Fremont, Ballard, Terry, Queen Anne and many other markets are opening up all over the city. It's the perfect thing to do with family, friends or alone. However you want to enjoy the market is up to you, but your favorite black dress that flows easily in the wind would be the perfect thing to wear.

Could I Have That?

I'm more of a neon person when it comes to beach time, but a black bathing suit is no stranger to the beach. Take the whole look up a notch and go all black - sandals, coverup, and sunglasses. Chic on the beach - accomplished.

Fire On The Head

I don't know about you but an early morning Sunday coffee run is almost always a must. It's still super cool in the mornings, so cozy black jeans, a black sweatshirt, and black sunglasses makes your "I just got out of bed, I need coffee now" run into an " I woke up like this" moment.

I hope this seven ways to wear black all summer long keeps you from packing your favorite pieces away. They were good to you in the cold months they won't let you down in the warm ones. 

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