Hair Tutorial: This Easy Breezy Wave Takes Just 10 Minutes.

I rarely do anything with my hair. I think its the whole short hair complex and the fact that I always end up never having enough time. On special occasions, like my birthday I make an appointment at Gene Juarez to take my hair out of the everyday and style it in a special way. This year, I walked out of GJ with more than a hairstyle, I walked out of their learning that this "special occasion" hair can become an everyday occurrence in just a few minutes. Don't believe me, check it out. 

Kérastase, R&Co and Oribe

Of course, product is important. Here's what Marcela used for my look. The best thing is that I already owned 3 ( Oribe Beach Wave & Shine Spray, R+Co Sea Salt Spray, R+Co Outer Space Spray)out of the 4.

I know we, ok I tend to rush through the wash and dry part of the process, but it's important to throughly dry your hair. It should be 100% dry. Whenever I think its completely dry I purposely go a few minutes longer. It totally does the trick.

We're going to get into the meat of the tutorial, but there's two things you should do first. 

1. Make sure you've used heat protectant before you start using your heat staying tools.
            2. That you're using a 1 1/2 curling iron. 

Marcela sectioned out my hair so she could curl one big piece at a time. 

If you look closely at the curl, you can see she curled the hair around the iron tightly, but the let the ends stay loose so my hair could have that messy look.

Don't be afraid to use the hairspray. As you can see Oribe was used generously on my hair. I have a lot of hair so I always want to use a little more.

Run your fingers through your hair to help the pieces blend. Add some sea salt to give it a little more texture and you're all done. 

The actual styling part - curling, hairspray, blend took all of 10 minutes. No joke. It took me longer to dry my hair. I don't mind adding 10 more minutes to my hair routine because I felt a million times happier with messy "special occasion" now everyday hair. 

Thanks to Downtown Seattle Gene Juarez and my hairstylist Marcela for making this look possible. 


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