Wearing All White Is So Hot Right Now!

You're probably not surprised to see a post about how cool white is, this is a story as old as time. But, I have to confess I've never worn an all-white outfit. I think I've always seen it as a bride outfit. You know how they wear all white to their wedding shower, rehearsal dinner and, of course, wedding. It looks so chic that I thought why should brides have all the fun. There's no need to wait until a special occasion to wear an all white, all awesome outfit. Rock it now.

Here're a few ways to make it part of your every day:

Victoria Platina

Girl on the go. 

The t-shirt dress that is chic for those days you have to run errands in heels. In truth, I won't rock this look. This boxy style does not work with my butt, but I still love it. So, for those Mondays you want to just roll out of bed, but don't want to look like it, wear a white t-shirt dress. 


Vacation vibes.

This is perfect for when you've spent all day at the beach and you can't wear a bikini to dinner. This white little fancy number shows off your tan in the the most flattering way.


Jump on it. 

An all white jumpsuit, sure you may be nervous to sit down, but if you're walking around a foreign city or even your own this is the way to do it. It's not casual, its a total grown up sophisticated spin off the overalls, so you can totally go out to dinner and be the chicest person in a 2 mile radius. 


Oh this is not all white. Let's break the rules. 
Are you a little nervous to do the all white, well take baby steps. Go for a bold piece in white. Wear it with your favorite pieces and see how you feel. I bet that will be the jump off piece to get you ready for an all white, all right outfit. 


Fun shoes, yes please.

Do you have a pair of shoes in your closet that just doesn't seem to work with any of your other outfits. I know I do. All white doesn't really clash with other colors - neon, pastels, primary - yes, yes and yes. So have a little fun, take out those funky shoes and rock an outfit you will adore.

main image source: vanessa jackman



Leah said...

I LOVE the all white look but I'm pretty sure I would spill coffee on myself within an hour...maybe I will arm myself with a Tide pen and give it a try this summer... http://shamelessinseattleblog.com/

Ananya said...

Love d alll white dress....

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