Brooks Running Sneakers Will Brighten Up Your Outfits

A few weeks ago I was invited to check out the fall collection for Brooks Running. All I have to say is just because it's fall doesn't mean there won't be a lot of color in their looks. Who loves athletic wear with personality? I know I adore it.

As you know I'm mostly heels, wedges - I want to be a little taller shoes- kind of girl. But then you find sneakers that not only stand out but also speak to you. That's  what happened to me when I went to the Brooks Event.  If you're not familiar with the Heritage line, be prepared to fall in love.  The collection includes Chariot, Vanguard, and Fusion styles.

I decided to go with the Chariot. It was originally born in 1982; it was one of the most worn running shoes by runners in the eighties. It has a medial wedge for pronation control, molded tri-layer insole for cushioning, solid rubber outsole, reflective hits for visibility. So in other words they look and feel good. 

Chariot sneakers

I do workout, but these shoes are for every day rather than hardcore runs. We all need a pair of cool, colorful sneakers to pair up with maxi dresses. And these bright babies make my royal blue dress pop like no other shoes could possibly do. I heart them and I know I will be wearing them with other dresses, jeans and anything I want all summer into fall long. 

If you go into a neutral routine when fall rolls in, a pair of these sneakers is the perfect way to brighten up your look. Check out all of their available color combos here

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Ladies Trainers said...

I'm seeing a lot of cool out fits with sneakers recently. It is a cool look.

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